Premium Account

As the name suggests, the katfile premium aims at providing the users with an improved downloading experience. Whether it be speed or the quality of the files, this account promises tones of features that are instrumental in high-speed internet downloads. These are:

  • Faster Downloads – As opposed to the normal accounts, the premium account for katfile is one of the best for downloading larger files. The higher speeds that come with the premium account are perfect for use in case one wishes to have unfettered access to files. This is because the premium account works in a way so as to link the IP address directly to special servers that are less crowded than normal accounts. All in all, this is a great advantage of the premium account, and it allows for better and faster performance round the clock.
  • Larger Upload Sizes. The second benefit of katfile premium is that one can upload larger files than could be done in the free accounts. Many free accounts come with the maximum space of 2 GB, and this is almost always insufficient for uploading high-definition video files. In this case, the premium account is far more efficient and allows for more spontaneous performance with unlimited uploads.
  • Direct Uploads. The other benefit of the premium account is that it allows for direct uploads into the cloud account via a URL link. This is different from the general process of uploading which is both long and time consuming. The direct URL file transfer is an extremely versatile option as it can be used for website URLs, FTP server files or even torrent files. All that is required is for the user to enter the URL and the file will be transferred automatically. katfile is one of the few cloud storage protocols that allows for this kind of easy transfer.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity. The penultimate reason that the katfile premium system is one of the best is because it has unlimited storage capacity. With an unlimited uploading capacity and faster downloads, this feature almost certainly puts katfile at the top of the game. Overall, this is a cost effective and efficient cloud storage system that prioritizes versatility and high performance.
  • Parallel Downloads. The final benefit that we explore in this section is that of parallel downloads. katfile premium allows the user to download files simultaneously without there being any lag in speed. While free accounts allow for downloading only after the first download is done, the katfile protocol caters to the demands of users for high-speed performance.